PhD Projects


Elise Acheson Geographic Scope Detection for Unstructured Text and User-generated Content (Purves)
Azam  Raha Bahrehdar

The Generation of Place Descriptions Using User-generated Content and Unstructured Text (Purves, Weibel)

Manuel Bär Landscape and language – Exploring approaches to extracting landscape perception (Purves)
Olga Koblet Extracting Landscape Information from Text Sources (Purves)
Frank Techel Optimizing data integration in avalanche forecasting (Purves)
Julia Villette A geographical analysis of place names in Saint Gallen (Purves, Glaser)
Kiran Zahra Using GIR to Compile a Natural Hazards Data Inventory for the Himalayas (Purves)



Ekaterina Egorova

From Text to Space: Spatial Discourse in Alpine Route Directions and Narratives (Purves, Tenbrink)

Anita Locher

Defining the designated community of legacy geospatial data: user needs of historic electronic geographic information (Térmens Graels, Purves)

Flurina Wartmann

From Space to Place in the Bolivian Amazon - Representing Landscape Perceptions with Ethnographic and GIS Approaches  (Purves, Backhaus, Haller) PDF (PDF, 18210 KB)

Jochen Veitinger Release Areas of Snow Avalanches: New Methods and Parameters (Sovilla, Purves) PDF (PDF, 8807 KB)
Curdin Derungs

From Text to Landscape: Extraction of Landscape Concepts through the Resolution of Ambiguity and Vagueness present in Descriptions of Natural Landscapes  (Purves, Weibel, Waldvogel, Hägeli)

PDF (PDF, 6179 KB) 
Ralph Straumann

Extraction and characterisation of landforms from digital elevation models: Fiat parsing the elevation field  (Purves, Weibel, Korup (SLF))

PDF (PDF, 9965 KB) 
Felix Hebeler

Modelling Topographic Uncertainty: Impacts on Large Scale Environmental Modelling  (Purves, Weibel)

PDF (PDF, 12037 KB) 
Awase Khirni Syed

Exploratory Representations for Geographic Information Retrieved from the Internet  (Weibel, Purves)

Margherita Maggioni

Avalance Release Areas and Their Influence on Uncertainty in Avalanche Hazard Mapping  (Gruber, Purves, Weibel)

PDF (PDF, 18265 KB) 
Ariane Walz

Land use modelling for an integrated approach to regional development in the Swiss Alps  (Weibel, Purves, Bebi, Kytzia)

PDF (PDF, 7050 KB) 
Marco Hugentobler

Terrain Modelling with Triangle Based Free-Form Surfaces  (Weibel, Purves, Schneider)

PDF (PDF, 4210 KB)