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Department of Geography Geochronology

Preparation scheme

Chemical preparation of Beryllium Oxide (BeO) from rock and soil samples

The 10Be/9Be ratios were measured at the ETH Zurich Tandem Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) facility (Kubik and Christl, 2010). The 10Be concentrations were corrected for 10Be in the 9Be carrier solution and normalised to the ETH secondary standartd S2007N with a nominal value of 10Be/Be = 28.1 x 10-12. S2007N has been calibrated with a primary standard ICN 01-5-1, which is produced by K. Nishiizumi and has a nominal value of 2.709 x 10-11 (Nishiizumi et al., 2007). The 1σ error of S2007N is 2.7%.

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