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Department of Geography Earth System Science

MSc Theses

If not available below, PDFs of Masters' theses can be found in the library catalogue of the University of Zurich.

Ongoing MSc Theses

Businger, Isaline
Stratospheric aerosol injection shifts permafrost drivers, accelerating thaw in the Eastern Arctic
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Schaepman
Hodel, Melanie
Does burn severity in the Arctic tundra vary with vegetation type?
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Schaepman
Nils Rietze
Dr. Jakob Assmann
Müller, Rhonda
Arctic temperature extremes increase under solar radiation management - evaluation of geoengineering effects on the Arctic climate system
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Schaepman
Dr. Jin-Soo Kim
Quartini, Nicole
Relating ecosystem functioning to fire severity in tundra ecosystems using community weighted means of plant traits
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Schaepman
Dr. Ramona Heim

Completed MSc Theses

Shavit, Noemi
Spatial Distribution of Agricultural Pesticide Use and
Predicted Exposure of the Swiss Landscape. PDF
Prof. Dr. Maria J. Santos
Seifert, Mena
The Potential of On-Farm Trees for Sustainable Charcoal Production

Challenges, opportunities and human and social capital implications of charcoal production from on-farm trees in Kilosa District, Tanzania PDF
Prof. Dr. Maria J. Santos
Hanneke van 't Veen
Prof. Dr. Norman Backhaus
Kesselring, Jasmin
Evapotranspiration and Water Use Efficiency in Agricultural Areas: Creating a new Tool using Remote Sensing to Help Farmers reduce Water Losses PDF
Dr. Eugénie Paul-Limoges
Prof. Dr. Alexander Damm
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Previously supervised Master's theses: Open the link "show all".