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Department of Geography Earth System Science

Biodiversity and ecosystem service scenarios across global mountain, island and delta systems

A project led by Maria J. Santos was identified as one of the winners of the competition open by SWISS-RE Foundation, AXA Research Fund and WWF on modelling biodiversity and ecosystem service loss to advance resilience.

Grand Tetons USA

Current exacerbated changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services from local to global scales may become irreversible without further understanding of the development of the processes that lead to biodiversity and ecosystem service change. This is particularly problematic in regions of the globe already at risk, such as mountains, islands and deltas social-ecological systems, exemplify unique extreme environments where nature and humans have developed strong connections. This project examines the current status and the projected future of biodiversity and ecosystem services in all mountain, island and delta social-ecological systems at the global level, by combining a unique spatial data set of over 20 biodiversity and ecosystem service indicators with trajectories of change in the short term and biodiversity scenarios in the longer term. 

Modelling biodiversity and ecosystem service loss to advance resilience: Call for applications
Winners 2023