Glacier and ice sheet dynamics

We focus on the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets in the context of climate change. Our research advances the related process understanding in  high mountain and polar environments and integrates in-situ measurements, remote sensing, GIS and numerical modelling on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales.

Current projects

  • RockDynDisko: Rockglacier Dynamics on Disko Island (I. Gärtner-Roer, A. Vieli, A. Cicoira, J. Beutel, B. Elberling, T. Strozzi)
  • Evolution and dynamics of debris-covered glaciers (A. Vieli, T. Bolch, N. Mölg, J. Ferguson)
  • Understanding long-term outlet glacier calving dynamics with a combined high-resolution field,- remote-sensing- and modeling approach (M. Lüthi, A. Vieli, D. Small, R. Mercenier, C. Rohner)
  • Modelling internal layer architecture to deduce change in ice sheets (G. Leysinger Vieli)
  • GLAMOS: Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network (M. Huss, A. Vieli, A. Linsbauer, ETHZ, UniFr)
  • Estimation of global glacier mass changes: a subproject within the research unit “Understanding the global freshwater system by combining geodetic and remote sensing information with modelling using a calibration/data assimilation approach (GlobalCDA)” (T. Bolch, A. Bhattacharya)

Completed projects

  • AKSU-TARIM-RS: Spaceborne Glacier Monitoring of the Aksu-Tarim Catchment (T. Bolch, S. Liu, V. Kuzmichenok, T. Pieczonka)
  • AndesPlus (C. Huggel, N. Salzmann, C. Jurt)
  • CATCOS: Capacitiy Building and Twinning for Climate Observing Systems (M. Zemp, M. Hoelzle, N. Foppa, G. Seiz)
  • CCGlinCH: Climate change impacts on glaciers in Switzerland (F. Paul, M. Zappa, M. Staelhi, R. Weingartner, D. Volken, A. Linsbauer)
  • Glaciers_cci (F. Paul, A. Kääb, T. Nagler, A. Shepherd, T. Strozzi, T. Bolch, N. Moelg)
  • GLAXPO: Glacier Laserscanning Experiment Oberwallis (M. Zemp, F. Morsdorf, M. Schaepman, P. Rastner, W. Haeberli, M. Huss, P.C. Joerg)
  • Highnoon: Adaptation to Changing Water Resources Availability in Northern India with respect to Himalayan Glacier Retreat and Changing Monsoon Pattern (C. Huggel, H. Frey, R. Worni)
  • ice2sea (F. Paul, T. Bolch, H. Machguth, P. Rastner)
  • NELAK: New Lakes in Deglaciating High-Mountain Regions - Climate-Related Development and Challenges for Sustainable Use (W. Haeberli, C. Huggel, M. Künzler)
  • PACC: Climate Change Adaptation Project Peru (C. Huggel, N. Salzmann, C. Jurt, M. Scheel)
  • Tajhaz (D. Schneider, C. Huggel, R. Worni)