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Department of Geography Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics

Geomorphic systems in high mountain areas

We are interested in the interaction of glacial, periglacial as well as mass movement processes in high mountain geosystems, with a focus on recent dynamics. Especially continental mountain areas, such as the European Alps, indicate enhanced warming, as compared to global values. Therefore, we measure and monitor process rates and their changes in order to describe and understand the sensitivity of high mountain geosystems.

Current projects

  • X-Sense2: Developing MEMS acoustic detectors for detecting destructive processes such as a rock face collapsing, leading to severe natural hazards (L. Thiele, J. Beutel, A. Geiger, C. Hierold, H. Raetzo, A. Vieli, A. Cicoira, S. Weber)
  • PERMOS: Swiss Permafrost Monitoring Network (J. Nötzli, B. Staub, J. Wicky, C. Hilbich, R. Delaloye, A. Vieli, I. Gärtner-Roer)
  • Recent and future EVOlution of Glacial LAkes in China (EVOGLAC): Spatio-temporal diversity and hazard potential (T. Bolch. S. Allen, O. King)

Completed projects

  • CRYOSUB: Mountain Cryosphere Subgrid Parameterization and Computation (S. Gruber, W. Haeberli, M. Hoelzle, J. Fiddes)

  • NELAK: New Lakes in Deglaciating High-Mountain Regions - Climate-Related Development and Challenges for Sustainable Use (W. Haeberli, C. Huggel, M. Künzler)
  • PERMASENSE: Wireless sensing in high Alpine environments (S. Gruber, L. Thiele, J. Beutel, C. Tschudin, A. Hasler, S. Gubler)
  • PermaNET Consulting (S. Gruber, J. Nötzli, L. Böckli, C. Gschwend)
  • PERMOS: Swiss Permafrost Monitoring Network (J. Nötzli, I. Gärtner-Roer, S. Gruber, C. Hilbich)
  • SPCC2-GO4ICE: Geophysical observation and 4-phase modelling of ice content evolution (C. Hilbich)
  • TEMPS B & C: The evolution of mountain permafrost in Switzerland, Subprojects B & C (I. Gärtner-Roer, C. Hilbich, M. Schaepman, C. Hauck, J. Müller)
  • X-SENSE: Monitoring Alpine Mass Movements at Multiple Scales (S. Gruber, L. Thiele, J. Beutel, A. Geiger, H. Raetzo, T. Strozzi, U. Wegmueller, S. Endrizzi, V. Wirz, K. Schiess, I. Woodhatch, C. Hilbich, R. Böhlert, L. Böckli, W. Haeberli)