Climate-related risks and adaptation

We investigate a variety of climate impacts and associated risks particularly in mountain and cryosphere systems, and from the recent past to the future. Applied science at the interface with practice and policy is conducted in the field of risk reduction and climate change adaptation, with a focus in the Andes, Alps and Himalayas.

Current projects

  • PACC: Climate Change Adapatation Programme Peru (C. Huggel, B. Orlowsky, J. Baiker, C. Jurt, L. Vicuna, V. Muccione)
  • Proyecto Glaciares+ (C. Huggel, H. Frey, F. Drenkhan, S. Schauwecker, L. Barriga, R. Muñoz)
  • Integrated Water Resources Modeling: Future Risks and Adaptation Strategies - a case study in the Andes of Peru (C. Huggel, A. Motschmann, F. Drenkhan)

  • SMD4GC: Promoting Sustainable Mountain Development for Global Change (N. Salzmann, C. Huggel, S. Nussbaumer, V. Muccione, M. Zemp, M. Fischer)
  • A pilot approach for locally validated permafrost distribution modelling and initiation of long-term monitoring: Langtang region, Nepal (S. Allen, J. Fiddes, J. Müller)
  • IHCAP: Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (C. Huggel, M. Stoffel, S. Allen, A. Linsbauer)
  • Flood risk in Uttarkhand, India: learning from the 2013 disaster and anticipating emerging threats (S. Allen, S. Mal, A. Holzbecher)
  • Recent and future EVOlution of Glacial LAkes in China (EVOGLAC): Spatio-temporal diversity and hazard potential (T. Bolch. S. Allen, O. King)

Completed projects

  • AndesPlus (C. Huggel, N. Salzmann, C. Jurt)
  • Disaster prevention project Colombia (C. Huggel, I. Ammann)
  • HighNoon: Adaptation to Changing Water Resources Availability in Northern India with respect to Himalayan Glacier Retreat and Changing Monsoon Pattern (C. Huggel, H. Frey, R. Worni)
  • NELAK: New Lakes in Deglaciating High-Mountain Regions – Climate-Related Development and Challenges for Sustainable Use (W. Haeberli, C. Huggel, M. Künzler, Y. Schaub)

  • PACC: Climate Change Adaptation Project Peru (C. Huggel, N. Salzmann, C. Huggel, C. Jurt, M. Scheel)

  • Rock-ice avalanches: a systematic investigation of the influence of ice (W. Haeberli, C. Huggel, D. Schneider)

  • Tajhaz (D. Schneider, C. Huggel, R. Worni)

  • X-SENSE: Monitoring Alpine Mass Movements at Multiple Scales (S. Gruber, S. Endrizzi, V. Wirz, K. Schiess, I. Woodhatch, C. Hilbich, R. Böhlert, L. Böckli, W. Haeberli)