Applied remote sensing

We apply a range of remote sensing sensors (optical, RADAR, LIDAR) on the ground, in the air and from space using drones/UAV, aerial photography and satellites to study the dynamics of glaciers, ice sheets, permafrost and other phenomena in mountain regions. The related platforms operate at diverse temporal and spatial scales (from rock walls to global glacier inventories) and inform about processes and changes in regions that are difficult to access [on the ground] and for time periods that are not covered by [field] observations.

Current projects

  • Glaciers_cci (F. Paul, P. Rastner, F. Goerlich, T. Bolch, N. Moelg)
  • Earth Observation to Investigate Characteristics and Changes of the Cryosphere in High Mountain Asia (EOCryoHMA) (T. Bolch, P. Rastner, A. Bhattacharya, O. King)
  • Copernicus Climate Change Service 'C3S' (F. Paul, M. Zemp, P. Rastner, J. Bannwart)

Completed projects