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Department of Geography Soil Science and Biogeochemistry

Biochar application to soils

The use of pyrogenic matter for agricultural purposes (so called Biochar) is a rising research topic in the scientific community. We are particularly interested in the following aspects:

- Biochar as a potential tool to increase C sequestration: More information here

- Biochar as a soil amendment: We are particularly interested in linking the biochar characteristics to it effects in different soils.

- Biochar and plant physiology: We are investigating the effect of biochar on root architecture (fig. 1).

- Biochar systems: We are developing cropping systems involving biochar. More about the use of biochar here.

- Biochar and sustainable development: In collaboration with human geographers, we are investigating the conditions for which farmers would include biochar in their cropping systems.

roots of maize
Figure 1: an example of maize root architecture with / without biochar

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Persons involved


Samuel Abiven


PhD candidate

Moritz Reisser


Master student

Severin Bellè


Hans-Peter Schmidt, Ithaka Institute