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Department of Geography

Joan Tracy Sturm
Joan Tracy Sturm

Remote Sensing of Water Systems

Tel.: 044 63 55103

Research interests

  • Earth observation, namely imaging spectroscopy
  • Drought-induced impacts on forests resistance, recovery, & resilience
  • Modifications of forest vulnerability through environmental drivers and local site characteristics
  • Forward modelling of ecosystem responses



  • Sturm, J., Santos, M. J., Schmid, B., & Damm, A. (2022). Satellite data reveal differential responses of Swiss forests to unprecedented 2018 drought. Global change biology, 28(9). 2956-2978.
  • Damm, A., Cogliati, S., Colombo, R., Fritsche, L., Genangeli, A., Genesio, L., Hanus, J., Peressotti, A., Rademske, P., Rascher, U., Schuettemeyer, D., Siegmann, B., Sturm, J., & Miglietta, F. (2022). Response times of remote sensing measured sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, surface temperature and vegetation indices to evolving soil water limitation in a crop canopy. Remote Sensing of Environment, 273, 112957.