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Department of Geography

Philipp Striedl
Philipp Striedl, Dr.
Affiliated reseacher



Since March 2022 I have been working as Postdoctoral researcher in the Geocomputation Group in the Department of Geography, University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland.

Research interests

I have been researching “Language as a Window into Conceptualisations of Landscape: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective” with Prof. Dr. Ross Purves and Prof. Dr. Asifa Majid.

I am interested in landscape research, ecolinguistic approaches to sustainability, processes of categorization, Cognitive Linguistics, Sociology of Knowledge, Variationist Linguistics, ethnographic fieldwork and Grounded Theory Methodology, Linguistic Typology (in general and Semitic languages in particular), Israel/Middle East/North Africa Studies.

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