0850-0900 Welcome and introduction

0900-1030 Geographic scope and information extraction
Every Move You Make I’ll Be Watching You: Geographical Focus Detection on Twitter
Fernando S. Peregrino, David Tomás and Fernando Llopis
Evidential Location Estimation for Events Detected in Twitter
Özer Özdikis, Halit Oguztüzün and Pinar Karagoz
Extracting Spatiotemporal and Semantic Events from Documents
Wei Wang and Kathleen Stewart
Semantic Extraction of Geographic Data from Web Tables for Big Data Integration
Isabel F. Cruz, Venkat R. Ganesh and Seyed Iman Mirrezaei

1030-1100 Coffee Break

1100-1235 Context and ranking
A Ranking Measure for Top-k Moving Object Trajectories Search
Vikram Goyal and Shamkant B Navathe
Criteria of Query-Independent Page Significance in Geospatial Web Search
Chandan Kumar and Susanne Boll
Prototyping a Personalized Contextual Retrieval Framework
Damien Palacio, Guillaume Cabanac, Gilles Hubert, Christian Sallaberry and Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat
Linking Context and Proximity Through Web Corpus
Sen Xu and Alexander Klippel
Where the streets have no name - Experiences in GIR for a developing country
Dirk Ahlers

1235-1400 Lunch break

1400-1530 Toponym resolution
Structured Toponym Resolution Using Combined Hierarchical Place Categories
Marco D. Adelfio and Hanan Samet
Cross-lingual geo-parsing for non-structured data
Judith Gelernter and Wei Zhang
Construction of Japanese Gazetteers for Japanese Local Toponym Disambiguation
Masaharu Yoshioka and Takahiro Fujiwara
GeoTxt: A Web API to Leverage Place References in Text
Morteza Karimzadeh, Wenyi Huang, Siddhartha Banerjee, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Frank Hardisty, Scott Pezanowski, Prasenjit Mitra and Alan MacEachren

1530-1600 Coffee Break

1600-1700 Accuracy, evaluation and interfaces
Assessment of the Accuracy of GeoNames Gazetteer Data
Dirk Ahlers
Creating Test Collections from User Generated Content for GIR Evaluation
Damien Palacio, Curdin Derungs and Ross Purves
Geographical Queries Beyond Conventional Boundaries: Regional Search and Exploration
Chandan Kumar, Wilko Heuten and Susanne Boll

1715-1745 Capstone session with Workshop on Computation Models of Place