New intercomparison exercise approved by ESA

The GlamBIE project will last for two years and its builds on nascent efforts within and directly contributes to the IACS working group on Regional Assessments of Glacier Mass Change (RAGMAC) to set up and coordinate an intercomparison exercise of regional glacier mass changes from glaciological in-situ measurements and various remote-sensing sources, including geodetic DEM differencing, altimetry, and gravimetry. The aim of GlaMBIE is to develop an assessment framework, algorithm, and environment to compile and analyse the regional glacier mass-change results from the active research groups - which are building the RAGMAC community - and to come up with new consensus estimates of regional and global glacier mass changes and related uncertainties. The corresponding results and visuals will be developed in close collaboration with the GlaMBIE Stakeholder Board, staffed with representatives from different users (e.g., BAMS, C3S, WMO, IPCC). In addition, a roadmap will be prepared for future development of the assessment in the timeframe 2024-28 and a community white paper to promote a large scientific European and/or international effort building on the lessons learned from GlaMBIE.