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Master students interested in writing a thesis in remote sensing are very welcome to approach us to discuss their ideas and suggestions. In general, you should think about your interests, the skills you like to acquire and potential career paths. You should be excited about your topic, as you'll work on it for some months. Just pass by and talk with us about themes you find fascinating, interesting, or simply fun. For your inspiration, we occasionally advertise for specific Master theses. You can find these calls for Master theses below.

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Extraction of phenotypic traits from virtual 3D assemblies of beech tree seedlings

This project aims to understand if the provenance of a tree affects its phenotype based on hundred beech saplings from all over Europe.
More information (PDF, 1 MB)
Sofia van Moorsel

Thermal anisotropy in land surface temperature measurements

The main objective of this MSc thesis is to measure and understand the thermal anisotropy of various surface types and to build up a database
of Bidirectional Temperature Distribution Function (BTDF) measurements.
More information (PDF, 3 MB)
Jennifer Adams

Smoke detection with drones

The objective of this MSc thesis is to acquire high spatial resolution optical drone data during over a test site with artificial smoke sources. In collaboration with Schutz & Rettung Zürich and the SLF this dataset will then be the base for the development of an automated detection approach.
More information (PDF, 190 KB)
Kathrin Naegeli

Plant Functional Diversity of Grasslands

The objective of this thesis is to map Plant Functional Diversity of Grasslands in the Swiss National Park using Imaging Spectroscopy Data.
More information (PDF, 157 KB)
Christian Rossi

Adaptation to stress in an aquatic plant

This project aims to understand how aquatic communities respond to novel environmental conditions induced by global change.
More information (PDF, 1 MB)
Sofia van Moorsel

Spectral imaging within the forest matrix

The objective of this thesis is to evaluate different sensors that could be used on lightweight drones, collect spectral measurements within the forest matrix and calibrate/compare the output to laboratory measurement of vegetation properties.
More information (PDF, 69 KB)
Mathias Kneubühler

Terrestrial LiDAR for forest monitoring

In this MSc, TLS and field data will be collected and the correlation between the ecological value of tree stems and the variations of its surfaces will be analyzed.
More information (PDF, 32 KB)
Felix Morsdorf

Further potential topics

Laser remote sensing of vegetation
Felix Morsdorf

Spectroscopic Data Calibration and Validation
Andy Hueni

Imaging spectroscopy of ecosystems in the Swiss National Park
Mathias Kneubühler

Wet snow cover estimation from SAR backscatter time series
David Small

Time-series analysis of SAR backscatter
David Small

Geometric calibration of SAR sensors
David Small

Time series analysis of land surfaces using the Google Earth Engine
Hendrik Wulf

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Interdisciplinary Master's thesis topics

Interested in doing an interdisciplinary Master's thesis at the Department of Geography? Have a look at the list of currently available topics involving two or more research divisions of the Department of Geography. 

Please note

The MSc thesis can be written either in English or in German, depending on the agreement with the supervisor(s).

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