Climate impacts, risks and adaptation


Climate change poses unprecedented challenges and risks to society. However, climate impacts and associated risks are often not sufficiently understood, which ultimately hinders the design and implementation of adaptation measures. 

Our research group investigates a variety of climate impacts with a particular focus on mountain and cryosphere systems. We study impacts and associated risks over a large range of space and time: from analyzing impacts in the past and its attribution to climate change to projections into the future. A main focus of current research and projects lies in the Andes, Alps and Himalayas. 

The research of our group is undertaken in the context of national and international climate and environmental policy, and collaborates with national governments and international organizations, typically with an adaptation and risk reduction perspective. Several ongoing projects furthermore involve collaborations among unversities in the Andes and Himalayan countries.

More information on research and projects

Group leader

Prof. Dr. Christian Huggel

Group members

  • Dr. Nadine Salzmann (co-responsible project leader)
  • Dr. Simon Allen
  • Dr. Fabian Drenkhan
  • Dr. Holger Frey
  • Lucía Guardamino
  • Dr. Christine Jurt
  • Dr. Andreas Linsbauer
  • Alina Motschmann
  • Dr. Veruska Muccione
  • Randy Muñoz
  • Dr. Raphael Neukom
  • Dr. Samuel Nussbaumer
  • Luis Vicuña

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Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics