Air Miles Monitoring

Air travel by academic staff contributes a considerable amount to greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is to address, quantify and finally reduce the number of air travels at our department.

The aims of the group are:

  • to continue the monitoring of GIUZ air travel and compare its development to baseline information (2017-19)
  • to reduce air travel by 25% by 2025
  • and in parallel to discuss and promote alternatives for air travels, such as rail travel and virtual conferences.

Beside these goals the group also provides a platform for discussions on e.g. new strategies to reduce the number of conference attendance.

Report 2017-2019

Air miles monitoring at GIUZ builds on a UZH pilot project carried out in 2018. Following the GIUZ group leader retreat on sustainability in June 2019, the working group developed a concept for air miles monitoring and corresponding reduction goals.

Air travels for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 were collected through the department’s reimbursement system by the secretariats. These three years build the reference period for monitoring and setting the reduction goals.

Function and reasons
Function and reasons
Function of air travelers at GIUZ (a) and reasons for travelling (b).