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Department of Geography

Erandi Barroso Olmedo
Erandi Barroso Olmedo, Dr.

Social Geography and Urban Studies

Room number: extern


I am an urban researcher interested in mobility and gender studies and social housing studies. I hold a PhD in Urban Geography from The National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM (graduated with honours), an MSc. in Urbanism and Architecture from the same university and a BA in Architecture (ITESM).  I am a current member of Mexico's National System of Researchers and a member of the research group MoviGen (Mobility and Gender). I also have taught in the undergraduate and postgraduate architecture programs at UNAM.

Research Interests

I am interested in two interrelated research lines: First, access to the city from the mobility and gender approach. Mainly,  I study the accessibility to work and care practices of women living in deprived peripheries of Latin American cities. The second line of research is related to the configuration of public housing policies that have shaped the periphery of these cities in recent decades. I am currently working on the SNF project "The Urbanization of Global Climate Finance: Power Shifts in the Municipal Restructuring of Mexican and Indian Cities", which focuses on the intersection of finance and climate change.