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Tagesschaubeitrag zur neuen Ausstellung im Gletschergarten Luzern mit einem Input von Michael Zemp. SRF Tagesschau, 16.05.2016

Ein Nine-to-five-five-Job gilt unter jungen Menschen nicht mehr als erstrebenswert. Karin Schwiter in 20min, 16.05.2016

Alysha Coppola found that, indeed, black carbon resides in the oceans for tens of thousands of years, it’s not as abundant as expected. AGU Blog 10.05.2016

Karin Schwiter über das Phänomen des modernen Vaters in 20min, 15.05.2016

Willkommen am Geographischen Institut

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The map above depicts a landscape of publications that were published by group leaders of the Department of Geography at the University of Zurich (GIUZ) and their co-authors. Authors who are in close proximity in the landscape share many more similar terms and concepts in their paper titles and abstracts than authors who are placed further apart in this landscape. The colored zones coincide with the thematic research areas at the GIUZ: Human Geography, Physical Geography, GIScience and Remote Sensing.

You can click on a name in the landscape to reveal more information about a group leader. You will find the three most relevant and descriptive words describing a researcher's publications. The pie chart visualizes the semantic proximity of each group leader to the other thematic research areas at the GIUZ.


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