Martin P. Lüthi


Teaching our cool subject to interested students is fun.

Currently I teach parts of the following courses:

Quantification and Modelling of the Cryosphere I

UZH, GEO413.1

Quantification and Modelling of the Cryosphere II

UZH, GEO413.1

Glaciological field course


Field excursion to Rhone Glacier (in September)


A relaxed day with some small experiments on the glacier. We visit the ice cave, investigate ice crystals, measure ablation, look at geomorphological features, and try to figure out what all the cool features that can be detected on the glacier surface actually mean.

The introductory lesson provides the background needed to understand the history and the inner workings of this glacier.

Physics of Glaciers

ETH Zürich

Take this course if you intend to do a thesis in glaciology. This course provides the background to understand the glaciological literature, and to work with glaciological computer models.