Martin P. Lüthi

ROGUE: Dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet

The hot-water deep drilling equipment of VAW/ETHZ in action on the Greenland ice sheet. A total of 13 holes of 630-700 m depth were drilled within 3 weeks

Project (finished)

Realtime Observations of the Greenland Under-ice Environment (ROGUE)

The ROGUE project is an international multi-insitute collaboration to understand the dynamical processes at the base of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Basal processes influencing spring speedup and summer slowdown are barely understood, yet are crucial for the dynamics of the ice sheet.



The ROGUE project involved a major field effort on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

2010 summer

  • recognition of the drill sites
  • installation of GPS base station QING
  • installation of 5 GPS stations on the ice

2011 summer

  • deep drilling and instrumentation of 13 holes to the bed (620-700m)
  • experiments on surface streams
  • passive seismology network

2011 fall

  • revisiting of field sites, data download

2012 spring/fall

  • revisiting of field sites, data download

2013 summer

  • revisiting of field sites, data download
  • deinstallation of all sensors and GPS stations


  • SNF: Swiss National Science Foundation
  • NSF: US National Science Foundation
  • NASA: Cryospheric Programme