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Introduction: «Presentation skills»

When making a presentation or speech, you circulate condensed information on a topic, e.g. a text's content, a research project, or a paper's results. The most important thing is to point out essential statements in a clear and precise way. It is therefore necessary to make up your mind about the aim of your presentation before writing it down: «What should the audience learn from my speech?». Most of the time, there are just a few things that listeners will remember. It is therefore advisable to limit yourself to one or two main statements. An academic discourse focuses on topics and should not serve as a tool for self-promotion. However, the quality of a speech depends on the way it is delivered. The best research results will not be of any interest to the audience if presented poorly.

The shorter the time, the more important the way of presenting your project or its results. It is therefore essential to be well prepared for communicating complex issues in a short period of time. The more complex the topic, the more difficult the task. However, practice makes perfect and one should therefore seize the opportunity to make a presentation or deliver a speech as often as possible.


Presenting your project is an opportunity to inform a larger audience about research results.

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