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Assessment criteria for posters

There are different ways to assess a poster. The most important aspects are content and visualization. The following questions should help you creating an appealing poster.


Content and overall impression are the most important things; details can be an improvement.

Criteria to consider

  • Overall impression: Does my poster have a good structure?
  • Blanks: Is my poster full of text passages and graphs, or is it well balanced? Are there any blanks interrupting reading fluency?
  • Relation between text and graphs: Do they complement one another as regards content and visualization?
  • Text size: Is the text clearly legible or only partially?
  • Structure and reading fluency: Is there a clear structure supporting reading fluency?
  • Authors: Are the authors indicated on the poster? Are there any contact details?
  • Content: Are the three principles «Look at me!», «Read me!», and «Ask me!» put into practice? Are the main statements of my poster clearly presented?
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