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The poster-a special form of presentation

Posters are a means of communicating research results or proposals in a concise fashion. There are a lot of congresses and conferences where posters can be presented in addition to presentations. Some conferences are arranged for poster events only. With a poster, it is easy to present content in a short period of time by means of a poster. Moreover, large-format printers are more and more affordable; a lot of departments therefore possess one (also referred to as plotter).

A poster can be more than just a summary of a presentation. It is not about using all the space available for as many contents of an academic paper or project as possible (posters are often printed in the A0 format, 841 x 1189 mm). you should instead aim for presenting its essence clearly and appealingly, according to the motto: "Less is more". As with any scientific writing, posters have to be prepared carefully and the content must be accurate.


Posters are meant for presentations where time is limited.

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