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Unit Navigation IconWie erstelle ich ein gutes Poster?

LO Navigation IconPoster, eine besondere Form der Präsentation

LO Navigation IconVor- und Nachteile eines Posters

LO Navigation IconWie sollte ein gutes Poster aussehen?

LO Navigation IconStruktur und Arten von Postern

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LO Navigation IconPräsentation eines Posters

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Weiterführende Literatur

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The graphs of the chapter on poster creation were (if not stated otherwise) created by ourselves or made in courses we conducted at the Dept. of Geography of the University of Zurich. The names were rendered irrecognizable. The poster on arachnids was given to us by a gifted and non-conformist poster creator, the Spiderman.

Online ressources

Stock photography (please check copyrights with every picture you download)

Colors and fonts

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