Water Quality 

water safety in the world put into context

When we look at access to clean water from a global perspective, what do we see?

Access to clean drinking water and discussions about safe water are oftentimes put into a global context. A lot of detail has to be left out, generalised and omitted in the process. We want to take a closer look at safe water in the context of Europe and compare it with the global perspective. 

How can we understand water safety and sustainable water management? Is it the mere occurence? Or is there more to it?
We took different data from the WHO and the European Data collections to showcase different interpretations of water safety. The sustainable handling of water has many facettes, and some are highlighted here.

Browse through this website to get access to the information and see it displayed in different spatial contexts. Read about the sustainable development goals and the research question under Background, explore the data under Project and get further data accessible under Data Sources.