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Foodsharing is an initiative founded in 2012 that actively works against food waste. In cooperation with businesses, volunteers pick up food that would otherwise end up in the trash. Thus, several tons of food are saved every year. In 2020, at least one pick-up was made in 45 businesses in Zürich. In 2020, Zürich counted 564 members who made at least one pick-up.

If you want to become active yourself in Zürich, visit the website www.foodsharing.de and click on "Join". First you have to register, take a foodsharing quiz, and then attend three introductory pickups in different categories of businesses. This makes you an official foodsaver. After picking up your Foodsaver-license you can join the teams of different supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and other businesses which share their leftover food.

If that's too much of a hassle for you, you can also visit foodsharing's public fridges where rescued food is brought when too much has been picked up. Foodsharing and Madame Frigo have different sharing fridges across Zürich. All fridges are maintained in accordance with food laws, are open at all times, and are open to the public with or without a foodsharing membership. You can also find the locations in our map. In addition, various foodsavers provide food baskets, which can be picked up directly by appointment. To fully use the features, it is helpful to create a user account.

Foodsharing is an important sharing platform for foodwaste in Zürich which has already saved tons of food. It serves as a good example of cheap sustainability in Zürich, as it all works on a voluntary basis and saves food which is still very much edible from being thrown into the trash.

List of public fridges in the city of Zürich (8 Fairteiler):

Place for Foodsharing (Image: Lou Pfister)