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Nicolas Schmidheiny

Lou Pfister

Andrea Martac

Xander Reimann

Linus Joos

Nicolas finally finished coding this website and is now busy climbing some rock walls in a sustainable way...

Lou is already excited for balcony gardening season. If her plants don’t grow, they will most definitely do so once they hear her play them some Reggae songs on the guitar.

Andrea really enjoys gardening and plants, but most of all, going out for nice walks with her four-legged friend Laika. When she's not busy with exams or homework, she also enjoys making marathons of old movies and immersing herself in Stephen King books.

Xander can't wait for the reopening of concert venues. In the meantime he's fiddling with synthesizer knobs and is cooking thai curry way too often. His addiction to random YouTube videos about the universe can only be overcome by the pressure of exams.

Linus is tinkering on some Critical Mass bicycle since the lockdown and is ready for the summer to drive around. But in the meantime he is playing 5/4 music and tries to be intellectual in the seminars.