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We are five geography students at the University of Zürich attending a self-organized-seminar. In lively discussions, we had the idea to create a sustainability website for people interested in sustainability topics which want to get to know different projects in and around Zürich.

For this website, we have done research on three topics: sharing, repairing and waste management. To deepen the understanding, we interviewed bottom-up initiatives which aim to make Zürich more sustainable. Our main goal is to give sustainable projects and ideas a platform. Still, the website makes no claim to be complete, as there are so many more inspiring projects.

Sustainability Objectives

Three main objectives of sustainability are: reduce, reuse and recycle. The goal is to prevent waste and conserve natural resources.
What do we mean when we talk about reduce, reuse, and recycle?

Reduction and Reuse are the most effective ways to save natural resources, protect the environment and save money, since Recycling needs a lot of energy (Reducing and Reusing Basics, 2021).