Recap: Part 2

The second part of the drone workshop consisted of a one-day course on 8 June 2022. A large part of the day was devoted to exchanging knowledge and experience. We invited experts to share their experiences working with drones and drone data in presentation blocks. After the respective presentations, there were lively discussions on different topics (e.g., legal situations, types of drones, flight planning tools).

Following the information blocks and the respective thematic discussions, a two-hour discussion block was held with all participants, divided into various small groups, to work out how we can further build up knowledge about drones and institutionalize, and thus pass on beyond the duration of individual projects. Lively discussions took place, and we elaborated some ideas more concretely. After the meeting, we concluded the day with an apéro.

Part 2

Part 2

Preview: Part 2

On 8 June 2022, the second part of the drone workshop will take place. There will be invited speakers who will talk about their experience with drones, especially regarding applications for which drones are not usually designed (forests, snow, water, etc.), and best practices in the field. Additionally, there will be a discussion on how to make sure that people who use drones, can exchange information and get the information when starting. This is important, as drones are and will become more and more important in our projects. If you have not yet registered for this second part of the workshop, please consider it!

This workshop is an initiative from students in remote sensing and glaciology to talk more about the use of drones. Tell your friends, colleagues, etc. Everybody can join and help improve the communication on the topic. We will upload the program to our webpage soon.

Recap: Part 1

The first part of the drone workshop consisted of a two-day Pix4D training on 19 and 20 April 2022. The event was a great success. The participants got insights into the Pix4D software, learned requirements for flight planning and different types of sensors, and were able to ask specific questions and describe and solve previous problems.

Pix4D Workshop

Pix4D Workshop

Part 1: Registration Closed

The registration for part 1 (Pix4D training) is closed as of 19 March 2022. It is still possible, however, to register for part 2 (experts tutorial). The participiants of part 1 will be contacted soon with more information about the schedule etc.

First Information

Since today, the website for the GIUZ drone workshop is online. We added first information about the two parts of the workshop in separate pages, which can be accessed from the main menu.

The registration for the workshop is still open until 18 March 2022.

More information will follow soon.