Bernhard Schmid

Bernhard Schmid, Prof. Dr.


Remote Sensing Laboratories

Tel.: 044 63 55205

Room number: Y25 J 54

Recent papers

  • Barry, K.E., Mommer, L., van Ruijven, J., Wirth, C., Wright, A.J. … Schmid, B., Weigelt, A. (2018). The future of complementarity: disentangling causes from consequences. Trends in Ecology and Evolution in press.
  • Huang, Y., Chen, Y. … Bruelheide, H., Ma, K., Niklaus, P.A., Schmid, B. (2018). Impacts of species richness on productivity in a large-scale subtropical forest experiment. Science 362: 80-83.
  • Isbell, F., Cowles, J., Dee, L.E., Loreau, M., Reich, P.B., Gonzalez, A., Hector, A., Schmid, B. (2018). Quantifying effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning across times and places. Ecology Letters 21: 763-778.
  • Schmid, M.W., Hahl, T., van Moorsel, S.J., Wagg, C., de Deyn, G.B., Schmid, B. (2018). Feedbacks of plant identity and diversity on the diversity and community composition of rhizosphere microbiomes. Molecular Ecology in press.
  • Schmid, M.W., Heichinger, C., Coman Schmid, D., Guthörl, D., Bruggmann, R., Aluri, S., Aquino, C., Schmid, B., Turnbull, L.A., Grossniklaus, U. (2018). Epigenetic variation contributes to adaptation in Arabidopsis. Nature Communications 9: 4446 (12 pages).
  • Schuldt, A. … Schmid, B. … Bruelheide, H. (2018). Biodiversity across trophic levels drives multifunctionality in highly diverse forests. Nature Communications 9: 2989 (10 pages).
  • Tian, D., Yan, Z., Niklas, K.J., Han, W., Kattge, J., Reich, P.B., Luo, Y., Chen, Y., Tang, Z., Hu, H., Wright, I.J., Schmid, B., Fang, J. (2018). Global leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry and their scaling exponent. National Science Review 5: 728-739.
  • Oehri, J., Schmid, B., Schaepman-Strub, G., Niklaus, P.A. (2017). Biodiversity promotes primary productivity and growing season lengthening at the landscape scale. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 114: 10160-10165.
  • Schmid, B., Baruffol, M., Wang, Z.H., Niklaus, P.A. (2017). A guide to analyzing biodiversity experiments. Journal of Plant Ecology 10: 91-110.
  • Schneider, F.D., Morsdorf, F., Schmid, B., Petchey, O.L., Hueni, A., Schimel, D.S., Schaepman, M.E. (2017). Mapping functional diversity from remotely sensed morphological and physiological forest traits. Nature Communications 8: 1441 (12 pages).
  • Van Moorsel, S.J., Hahl, T., Wagg, C., Gerlinde de Deyn, Flynn, D.F.B., Zuppinger-Dingley, D., Schmid, B. (2017). Community evolution increases plant productivity at low diversity. Ecology Letters 21: 128-137.

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Research interests

Global change and biodiversity; Biodiversity–ecosystem functioning (BEF) relationships; Scaling-up BEF relationships; Design and analysis of experiments

Mechanisms of plant  competition and coexistence; Plant–animal interactions; Plant–soil feedback; Community assembly; Community genetics and evolution; Evolutionary plant genetics and epigenetics

Plant decision making; Invasion biology; Ecology and genetics of small populations; Life-history evolution of clonal organisms

UZH News





Exploiting Epigenetic Variation for Plant Breeding


Epigenetische Veränderungen für die Pflanzenzucht nutzen


Species-Rich Forests Store Twice as much Carbon as Monocultures


Artenreiche Wälder speichern doppelt so viel Kohlenstoff wie Monokulturen


Species-Rich Forests Better Compensate Environmental Impacts


Artenreiche Wälder kompensieren die Klimabelastungen besser


Mapping Functional Diversity of Forests with Remote Sensing


Pflanzenvielfalt von Wäldern aus der Luft abbilden


Neue Seele des Campus Irchel


Biodiversity Protects against Drought


Vielfalt schützt vor Trockenheit


Diverse Landscapes Are More Productive and Adapt better to Climate Change


Vielfältige Landschaften sind produktiver und anpassungsfähiger


Plants force fungal partners to behave fairly


Pflanzen zwingen Pilzpartner zu fairem Verhalten


«Unsere Fakultät wächst am schnellsten»


UZH Growing in the Fields of Medicine and the Natural Sciences


University of Zurich to become global center for biodiversity research



Education and professional positions

2018 -

Professor of Environmental Sciences, Institute of Geography, University of Zurich

2014 - 2016

Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Zurich

2013 -

Co-director of University Research Priority Program “Global Change and Biodiversity”

2009 -

Guest professor Peking University, Beijing

2009 - 2013

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Zurich

2007 -

Editor Journal of Plant Ecology

2004 - 2012

Member of the Research Council, Division III, Swiss National Science Foundation

1997 -

Visiting professor at several foreign Universities

2010 - 2018

Professor of Environmental Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich

1994 - 2009

Professor of Environmental Sciences, Head of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Zurich

1992 - 1994

Professor of Conservation Biology, NLU, University of Basel

1987 - 1992

START-fellow (career development award of the Swiss NSF), University of Basel

1984 - 1987

Postdoc, Harvard University, Cambridge (with F.A. Bazzaz)

1983 - 1984

Research Associate, University of Zurich

1981 - 1983

Postdoc, University College of North Wales, Bangor (with J.L. Harper)

1977 - 1981

PhD-studies at Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich
Teacher in Biology, High school Baden

1976 - 1977

Teacher in Biology and Chemistry, High school Sargans

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PhD 2006

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Postdoc 1996

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Postdoc 1995

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PhD 1999

Liu Xiaojuan

Postdoc 2016

Matthies Diethart

Postdoc 2000

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PhD 2009

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PhD 2006

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Ambizione 2017

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Postdoc 2002

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PhD 1995

Turnbull Lindsay A.

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PhD 2001

Wagg Cameron

Postdoc 2018

Wang Zhiheng

Postdoc 2010

Weber Ewald

PhD 1994

Willi Yvonne

PhD 2004

Wüst Samuel

Ambizione 2017

Züst Tobias

PhD 2012