Barbara Strobl

Barbara Strobl

PhD student

Hydrology and Climate

Tel.: 044 63 56532

Room number: Y25 L 74


PhD project - CrowdWater

This PhD project aims to examine the potential of crowdsourcing, meaning observations of voluntary participants. As the name suggests, the project looks at the potential of crowdsourcing in the field of hydrology. We will collect water level, streamflow and soil moisture data. The project will not only look at the possibilities of collecting data but also at the value of this data for hydrological modelling and forecasts. The long-term aim of the project is to collect a large amount of data and to improve the forecast of hydrological events, such as droughts or floods and to improve hydrological models for otherwise ungauged catchments.

My focus is on data accuracy, quality control of data and improving hydrological models in ungauged catchments.