Alessandra Musso

Alessandra Musso

PhD student


Tel.: 044 63 55168

Room number: Y25 K 74


My research is part of HILLSCAPE (HILLslope Chronosequence And Process Evolution), a project which studies hydrological, geobotanical, pedological and geomorphological processes and feedbacks on hillslopes through time. Our study sites are moraines of different ages in the glacial forefields of Stein glacier at Susten pass and Griess glacier at Klausen pass.

I am interested in the soil development on these young, Alpine soils. Specifically, I investigate physical soil properties (e.g. soil pores) and their evolution with increasing soil age. Moreover, I will also reconstruct the rates and evolution of soil erosion during the past 10’000 years. To cover different timescales of erosion rates I will use the radiogenic isotopes of Beryllium (10Be) and Plutonium (239+240Pu).


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Max Boxleitner, Alessandra Musso, Jarosław Waroszewski, Małgorzata Malkiewicz, Max Maisch, Dennis Dahms, Dagmar Brandová, Marcus Christl, Raquel de Castro Portes, Markus Egli. 2017. Late Pleistocene – Holocene surface processes and landscape evolution in the central Swiss Alps. Geomorphology, Volume 295, Pages 306-322.