Jasmine Truong

Jasmine Truong

PhD student

Human Geography

Tel.: 044 63 55243

Room number: Y25 L 34


Research interests

I am interested in the ways in which social media shapes the everyday relations of young people. While large networking companies promise stronger bonds and greater unity of society, the coming together of visibility, spreadibility, searchability, replicability, mutability, and durability of technologies and design also reconfigures how spaces and contexts are produced through the digital entanglement.

My current research investigates the impact of the omnipresence of social media on young people’s contemporary urban nightlife and social drinking, in Switzerland. In particular, I am interested to what extent networking technologies enable bonds, and when bonds can become bondage.

This project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and is part of the broader multi-disciplinary multi-method project Youth@Night (for more details).

In previous work, I have gained expertise in the areas of migration, work, gender and sexuality. As an academic I aim to reach beyond the discipline through new and old media. In all my work I am inspired by critical and feminist thinkers to make sense of our messy world.


since 2014  University of Zurich, PhD candidate at the Department of Geography

since 2013  City of Zurich's Department for Gender Equality, project partner (see)

2012-2015  Swiss Radio and Television, assisted and co-authored in documentary films on work, gender and sexuality

2012-2014  Swiss Forum for Migration and Population, research associate on second generation, asylum seekers and refugees

2011-2012  University of Zurich, research associate on migration, gender, work


201100000  M.Sc. in Geography, University of Zurich (graduated with distinction)

Presentations and Talks

05/201800  Nightlife Peer Symposium, Safer Dance Swiss/Safer Nightlif Switzerland, Wabern

11/201700  Nightlife 2.0, presenting results of the SNF project Youth@Night, Zurich

11/201700  Nights - StadtNachAcht Conference, Berlin

07/201700  KAP-plus, Federal Office of Public Health, Zug

09/201600  Royal Geography Society annual conference, London  

06/201500  Club Health Conference, Lisbon

03/201500  Talk at the Danish National Centre for Social Research, Copenhagen


201800000  Supervision BA thesis

201800000  GEO242 Methods in Human Geography (BA)

201700000  Supervision BA thesis 

2015-2016  GEO112 Introduction to Human Geography (BA)

201100000  GEO362 Project seminar: The Care Economy (BA)

201000000 GEO313 Project seminar: Low-wage work in the service sector (BA)