Michelle Fillekes

Michelle Fillekes

PhD student

Geographic Information Systems

Tel.: 044 63 55257

Room number: Y25 J 74


Sensor-based assessement of spatial and physical activity in the context of healthy aging

I am doing my PhD in Geographic Information Science within the framework of an interdisciplinary project between Geographers and Gerontopsychologists. The project is called Mobility, Activity, and Social Interaction Study (MOASIS) and it focuses on healthy older adults’ daily lives.

The overall goal of the project is to find relationships between spatial, physical, and social activities on the one hand and psychological health and well-being on the other hand. Therefore, we collect individualized everyday-life health data (GPS, accelerometer, audio and psychological self-reports) over a one-month period in cognitively healthy older adults.

The overall goal of my PhD project is to derive indicators on spatial and physical activity based on GPS and accelerometer data that have associations with different psychological variables contributing to an older adult’s maintenance of health and wellbeing.

URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging Research Group