Marisol Keller

Marisol Keller

PhD student

Economic Geography

Tel.: 044 635 51 44

Room number: Y25 L 52


As part of the research group labour, migration and gender, I'm interested in the production of labour market inequalities emerging from digital transformation. I'm particularly interested in differentiation categories like gender, race or age.

Ph.D. project: How digital labour platforms reshape spatio-temporal patterns of work.

In my research project I focus on the social, spatial, and temporal working arrangements emerging in platform-mediated labour in Switzerland. Online Platforms like Uber or Coople match short-term jobs and workers with the help of code, algorithms, and customized applications. Matches through digitial communication allow an almost instant connection of employers, consumers, and workers.
While positive aspects of platform-mediated labour are highlighted more critical scholars point to potentially problematic effects. Working conditions and the observation that labour relations are being socially, spatially, and temporally rearticulated in ways that can put workers into disadvantaged positions are discussed. Another crucial and unresolved issue is the question of power imbalances on the platforms, where “the code” and “the algorithm” match labour demand and supply in ways that are often opaque to workers and limit their opportunities for negotiation.
In my project I aim to investigate how digital labour platforms shape low-wage work relations and what impact they have on workers’ lives. Empirically, I will proceed in two steps: First, I will do web-based research and generate an overview of the existing labour intermediation platform market in Switzerland. Second, I will do autoethnographic fieldwork as a worker mediated through a digital platform and conduct interviews with other platform workers. This will shift the focus to the workers’ perspective and will contribute to our understanding of how digital platforms reshape spatio-temporal patterns of work in Switzerland today.


since 2019 University of Zürich. Ph.D. candidate in Economic Geography

2017           University of Zürich, MSc in Human and Economic Geography. Master Thesis:Diskussionen um Männlichkeit: Junge Männer in Berufen mit statistisch tiefem Männeranteil. PDF

2014           University of Bern, BSc in Sport Science and Geography


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«Arbeiten für uber, notime, foodora, amazon, notime und co.: prekäre Arbeitsverhältnisse in der digitalisierten Welt, gewerkschaftliche Organisierung und Widerstand» (Präsentation und Workshop). Reclaim Democracy Kongress mit Roman Künzler,  Simon Schaupp, Karin Schwiter, und Beni Stückelberger, Zürich (Februar 2020).

«Working as a coopler! Thoughts on autoethnographic work in the field» (Presentation). Swiss feminist geographies, Kick-off event of ASG thematic group, Neuchâtel (February 2020).

«Arbeiten als coopler, helpling, batmaid, notimer und co.: Wie online Arbeitsvermittlungsplattformen die Arbeit von morgen gestalten» (Präsentation). Tagung Neue Kulturgeographie Nr. 17 mit Karin Schwiter, Bonn (Januar 2020).

«Diskussionen um Männlichkeit: Junge Männer in Berufen mit statistisch tiefem Männeranteil» (Presentation and Workshop). GenderBazaar - Weiterbildung zu Gender in der offenen Kinder- und Jugendarbeit, Bern (Dezember 2018).

«Diskussionen um Männlichkeit: Junge Männer in Berufen mit statistisch tiefem Männeranteil» (Presentation). Tagung Zeitdiagnose Männlichkeiten in der Schweiz, St. Gallen (März 2018).