Isabella Stingl
Isabella Stingl, Dr. des.

Economic Geography



As part of the research group labour, migration and gender, I am interested in analyzing the production of labour market inequalities based on nationality, immigration status, gender and other categories of social differentiation.

Ph.D. project: Subjected through work? Refugees’ experiences in accessing the labour market in Switzerland, 2017-2021

Ph.D. Committee: PD Dr. Karin Schwiter, Prof. Dr. Christian Berndt & Prof. Dr. Yvonne Riaño

In my Ph.D. project, I examine the role of migration and integration policies in regulating the labour market access of refugees in Switzerland. Drawing on Foucauldian governmentality theory, I investigate how such policies open up certain fields of possible labour market participation while excluding others, e.g. via integration measures such as job training programs. I take a particular interest in analyzing how labour market integration policies influence participants’ subjectivities and their strategies to find work. In my empirical case, I work with people who were granted asylum or temporary admission in the Canton of Zurich. The empirical data is gathered through biographical and semi-structured interviews.



2021 University of Zurich: Ph.D. Economic Geography

06/2019 - 12/2019 York University, Toronto: Visiting Scholar at the Department of Geography/Centre for Refugee Studies (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation - doc.mobility fellowship)

Humboldt University of Berlin: M.A. Human Geography

2013 Humboldt University of Berlin: B.A. Geography, Sociology & Political Science  



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Stingl, Isabella (2021): (Im)Possible selves in the Swiss labour market: Temporalities, immigration regulations, and the production of precarious workers. Geoforum 125, 1-8.

Stingl, Isabella (2021): Die Zeit als Gegenstand und Mittel des Regierens. Praktiken der Integrationsförderung im Kontext Arbeit und Migration. Geographische Zeitschrift 190(1), 44-63.

Stingl, Isabella (2019): Arbeit und Migration feministisch geographisch erforschen. GeoAgenda 1, 11-12.

Hierse, Lin / S
tingl, Isabella / Wieland, Simon (2018): Mediating Fieldwork Challenges in International Teams: Reflexivity, Positionality and Participatory Ethics. In: Adamseged, Muluken Elias / Bokelmann, Wolfgang (eds.) Value Chain Development for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change: Perspectives and Lessons from a North-South Capacity Building Project. Berlin: Köster, 162-175.

Räuchle, Charlotte /
Stingl, Isabella / Nuissl, Henning (2017): Migrantische Ökonomien als Potential für die Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung. Arbeitsbericht 193, Geographisches Institut Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Stingl, Isabella / Wieland, Simon (2017): Die Governance von Rechten irregulärer Migrant_innen in der Stadt – Eine Analyse am Beispiel der medizinischen Versorgung in Berlin. Arbeitsbericht 192, Geographisches Institut Humboldt Universität zu Berlin



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Migrant counterspaces - Challenging labour market exclusion through collective action. Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Zurich/online, with Christina Mittmasser (November 2020)
(Im)possible selves in the Swiss labour market: On migrants' imagined futures and their temporal regulation. IMISCOE Annual Conference, Luxembourg/online (July 2020)
On participatory workshops that never took place... Talking about "failure" as a feminist praxis. Feminist Geographies ASG Kick-off Event, Neuchâtel (February 2020)
Conflicting temporalities: Refugees' experiences in accessing the Swiss labour market. Centre for Refugee Studies Seminar (York University), Toronto (November 2019)
The temporal governance of refugees' labour market participation in the Swiss integration regime. 14th Centre for Refugee Studies Student Conference "Beyond Durable Solutions" (York University), Toronto (October 2019)

Starting from scratch - The politics and practices of local labour market integration of refugees in Switzerland. International Metropolis Conference, Ottawa/Gatineau (June 2019)
Precarious workers in the making? The role of migration and integration policies in shaping refugees' labour market access in Switzerland. International Conference of Critical Geography Nr. 8, Athens (April 2019) 

Vorstrukturierte Teilhabe? Gouvernementalitätsanalytische Perspektiven auf Arbeit und Migration. Tagung Neue Kulturgeographie Nr.15, Freiburg (January 2018)
Gruppendiskussionen zur Analyse kollektiver Deutungsmuster in der Migrationsforschung. Deutscher Kongress für Geographie, Tübingen, with Dr. Charlotte Räuchle (October 2017)
Geographies of work and workers' experiences. Paper session at the symposium "Bodies, Cultures, Societies" at Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Zurich/online, with Marisol Keller (November 2020)
Womxn in resistance. Workshops & lectures on feminism in art, activism, literature and scholarship, English Department/University of Zurich, co-organizer (June 2019) 
Migration und Mobilitäten. Workshop at Humangeographische Sommerschule "Gender & Space", Herzberg, with Prof. Dr. Susan Thieme (September 2018)  
Gender and Space. Humangeographische Sommerschule, Zurich/Herzberg, co-organizer (September 2018)



Autumn semester 2020 & 2021

GEO112.2 Human Geography I. One Earth, Many Worlds (Bachelor's course)


Autumn semester 2017 & 2018

GEO432 Gender, Work and Space: Inequalities in the Neoliberal City (Master's course; co-teaching with PD Dr. Karin Schwiter)


Since 2017

- Supervision of bachelor and master theses

- External examiner of master thesis exams


I welcome master students interested in writing a thesis on the geographies of labour, migration and citizenship.