Inhabiting Radical Housing

Event organized by urban publics Zürich (upZ)

The global fight for housing and the production of knowledge around it: an event organized by urban publics Zürich (upZ) on Wednesday, 11 May 2022.

Inhabiting Radical Housing
The global fight for housing and the production of knowledge around it

Wednesday, 11 May 2022, 18.30 h
Zentralwäscherei, Neue Hard 12, Zürich
What can Zürich learn from housing struggles elsewhere? To reflect on this question, upZ (urban publics Zurich) is delighted to host Prof. Michele Lancione, one of the leading housing scholar-activists in Europe. In his intervention, Prof. Lancione will illustrate an intersectional, decolonial and situated take on the global struggle against housing precarity deployed through a major ERC funded project with base in Turin (Italy). Transcending what Western scholarship has traditionally conceived as 'radical organising', the project is focused on deconstructing colonial histories of precarious housing, as well as on providing a situated appreciation of trans-local organising and grounded grassroots struggles across geographies. Prof. Lancione will also reflect on the politics of producing knowledge around these matters, offering an overview of the collective politics advanced in the open-source Radical Housing Journal (
Following his intervention Philipp Klaus (INURA), Antonia Steger (Urban Equipe) and Philippe Koch (ZHAW) will discuss learnings from these global experiences for housing struggles in Zürich. Moderation: Hanna Hilbrandt (Department of Geography, UZH).
An event organized by:
urban publics Zürich (upZ)

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