Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing

Thermal infrared radiometers monitoring the rough surface topography of Murtèl rock glacier


The TIRLab at RSL works on the acquisition and use of thermal infrared datasets across scales (in situ, drone-based, space-borne, models) and spheres (bio-, cryo- and hydrosphere). TIR datasets carry a large potential to improve our understanding of the Earth surface energy balance. However, the great spatio-temporal variability of Land Surface Temperatures (LSTs) challenges an accurate spatially distributed acquisition of data.
Our science focuses both on fundamental TIR research and solution-oriented studies. We investigate spatio-temporal variabilities, directional effects and biophysical variables such as evapotranspiration by means of TIR data obtained by varying instruments and combined with information of other environmental variables. Across-scale experiments shall identify potential and limitations of upcoming TIR satellite data (Trishna, LSTM, SBG) for environmental studies in the context of global atmospheric warming.