Konchok Gelek
Konchok Gelek
Affiliated Researcher

Political Geography

Tel.: 044 635 52 12
Room number: Y25 L 64


Urbanization, urban fringe, land expropriation.


MA in International Sustainable Development, Brandeis University, US 

BA in Tibetan language and literature, Qinghai Minorities College, China   

Current research 

My research focuses on how the urbanization on the Tibetan plateau affects the political economy of agricultural land in the urban fringes. The objective of this research is to analyze how does China's rural and urban transformation in its Tibetan periphery as a process of frontier expansion, a dynamic whereby the state's expropriation of land in the process of urbanization re-shapes the political economy of agricultural land and land ownership.

I conducted fieldwork in an urban fringe of Yushu City, Qinghai Province, China as a case study to understand how the urban expansion changes the farmland ownership as well as how farmland abandonment has occurred.


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