Closing events of New Plantations Project, Bologna and Brussels

Timothy Raeymaekers presided the closing event of the New Plantations project in Bologna on 9 December and in Brussels on 14 December, 2018. 

For the last two years an international research team from Switzerland, Belgium and Italy has analysed migrant work conditions in Europe, focusing on dynamics of illegalization, racialization and labour exploitation in the contintent’s agricultural sector. Directed by a group of activists, artists and academics, the events highlighted the forces at play in the European horticultural industry. Rather than a classic presentation-based conference, the workshop revolved around several interactive tables, each of which addressed a specific theme. The event was accompanied by an art installation by MIC | C, an arts and research collective based in Basilicata, Italy.

New Plantations: Migrant Mobility, ‘Illegality’ and Racialisation in European Agricultural Labour

MIC | C