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Series published by the Human Geography Unit

The Human Geography Unit has two series (Schriftenreihen).
"Schriftenreihe Humangeographie" (until 2003 "Schriftenreihe Anthropogeographie") is edited by U. Müller-Böker and published by our division. Enquiries can be directed to N. Backhaus.
"Kultur, Gesellschaft, Umwelt - Schriften zur Südasien- und Südostasien-Forschung" ("Culture Society, Environment - South Asian and South East Asian Studies") is edited by U. Müller-Böker and S. Wälty (SDC) and published in LIT-Verlag Münster in Germany. The series has a multidisciplinary approach. We publish contributions - in English or German - on research about South Asia and Southeast Asia, that deal with cultural and social issues regarding the environment. Enquiries can be directed to the editors.