Fabian Maier
Fabian Maier
PhD student

Hydrology and Climate

Tel.: 044 63 55232
Room number: Y25 L 90

PhD Project


HILLSCAPE - HILLSlope Chronosequence And Process Evolution


The German-Swiss Hillscape project focuses on the vertical and lateral redistribution of water and matter along hillslopes and how this redistribution is affected by soil, vegetation and landscape development. The overall research question of the project is: How does the hillslope feedback cycle evolve in the first 10,000 years and how is this related to the evolution of hillslope structure? In order to tackle this research question, we will select chronosequences in alpine glacier forelands and conduct artificial rainfall experiments. As a hydrologist, I am working at the interface of sediment transport and hillslope hydrology. Specifically, I deal with the investigation of changes in soil surface characteristics, surface and shallow subsurface flow, infiltration and soil erosion along the chronosequence.


Contact: Fabian Maier (fabian.maier@geo.uzh.ch)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jan Seibert (jan.seibert@geo.uzh.ch)

Co-supervisor: Dr. Ilja van Meerveld (iljavanmeerveld@geo.uzh.ch)