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H2K News


Ilja and Jan wrote a blog article about how to connect sustainable travel and paper writing. Sound interesting? Read it here!

H2K group at lake Grimsel


The H2K group visited Lake Grimsel and the construction site to replace the existing dam wall. We wrote a blog article about it which you can read here.

Victor receiving the post award at ERB 2022


Victor Gauthier received the best poster award at the ERB 2022 for his poster about "Near surface flow pathways in a Swiss pre Alpine catchment". You can have a look at the poster  here (PDF, 2 MB). Congratulations!

Jan Seibert, Fabian Maier and Ilja van Meerveld


Fabian Maier successfully defended his PhD thesis on 18th of January 2022 on "Effects of soil and vegetation development on surface hydrological characteristics of moraines in the Swiss Alps. Congratulations!


Sarah Hanus, PhD student at H2K, has received the „Best Science Graduate 2021“ award of the entire TU Delft for her Masters Thesis - out of about 5000 annual graduates! Congratulations!
TU Delft Best Graduates 2021
Stories: Meltwater from the Austrian Alps
An imposing, compelling and urgent social problem, that is what Master student Sarah Hanus wanted for her final project.


The paper of Leonie Kiewiet with the title "Do stream water solute concentrations reflect when connectivity occurs in a small, pre-Alpine headwater catchment?" was distinguished with the Jim Dooge Award for the most outstanding paper of a year at HESS. Congratulations! For more information, see here.



phd defense leonie


Leonie Kiewiet successfully defended her PhD thesis on 9th of June 2020 on "Using Shallow Groundwater Chemistry to Determine the Sources of Streamflow in a Pre-Alpine Catchment". Congratulations!





Kirsti Hakala successfully defended her PhD thesis on 20th of May 2020 on "Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology - Informing the design of the modeling chain and supporting adaptation." Congratulations!



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phd defense strobl&etter


Barbara Strobl & Simon Etter successfully defended their PhD theses within the CrowdWater Project on 16th of March 2020. Congratulations!

citation award benchmark paper


Our paper on "Upper and lower benchmarks in hydrological modelling" was the top-cited paper in Hydrological Processes 2019!


Zeitschrift Aqua Viva


Heisse Sommer –  feuchte Winter

Der Klimawandel hat Auswirkungen auf die Wasservorkommen in der Schweiz. Am deutlichsten ist die Verschiebung der Niederschläge von Schnee zu Regen, wodurch es zu einer Verlagerung in der zeitlichen Verteilung des Abflusses kommt. Darüber hinaus wird die Schweiz indirekt auch von Veränderungen der weltweiten Wasserverfügbarkeit betroffen sein. 

Beitrag von Jan Seibert in «aqua viva» Nr. 3/2019
Themenheft «Gewässer in Zeiten des Klimawandels»

Heisse Sommer –  feuchte Winter

From Left to Right: Fabrizio Fenicia (EAWAG), Jan Seibert, Ling Wang, Ilja van Meerveld


Ling Wang successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Intelligent Sampling for Event-Based Hydrological Modelling" on 10th of May, 2019. Congratulations!



Florian Lustenberger received an award in the 2019 SNSF Scientific Image Competition in the category "Locations and instruments". His photo documents a high intensity rainfall simulation during the fieldwork season 2018 in the HILLSCAPE project. Congratulations!

running water sola-team 2019


The H2K-Team participated again in this year's SOLA-event and it was fun as always. Running water finished with an excellent overall time of 9:24:23 and was ranked among the top 200 teams. Congratulations!




Jan Seibert received an Outstanding Editor Award for Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) at the European Geoscience Union (EGU) Conference in Vienna 2019. Congratulations!

poster award maria staudinger


Maria Staudinger received a poster award in the category of "most innovative study" at the "Tag der Hydrologie" 2019 conference in Karlsruhe. Congratulations! You can download Maria's poster here.

PhD Defense Nena Susanna Griessinger
From left to right: Jan Seibert, Nena Susanna Griessinger, Tobias Jonas (SLF)


Nena Susanna Griessinger successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Relevance of Snowmelt Processes for Cold Region Hydrology - from Measurements to Models" on 28th of February, 2019. Congratulations!


The multidisciplinary HILLSCAPE project had its first field season at the Sustenpass. A movie about their work is out now.

poster award Leonie


Leonie Kiewiet received a poster design award at the Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2018 in Bern in the field of hydrology. Congratulations!

sandra pool defense
From left to right: Charles Perrin (Irstea, France), Daniel Viviroli, Jan Seibert, Sandra Pool, and Christian Huggel


Sandra Pool successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Value of Hydrograph Characteristics or Single Discharge Observations in Hydrological Modeling" on 5th of October, 2018.

Rick Poster Prize


Rick Assendelft received poster awards for "Most Innovative study" and "Best reference to the conference topic" at the ERB ( Euromediterranean Network of Experimental and Representative Basins) 2018 conference in Darmstadt. You can download Rick's poster here (PDF, 3 MB).



Manuela Brunner received a distinction from the University of Zurich for her outstanding PhD thesis on "Catchment- and Event-Type Specific Synthetic Design Hydrographs. Estimation, Characterization, Regionalization, and Uncertainty". Congratulations!



At the 'Tag der Hydrologie' in Dresden our poster presenting the CrowdWater project was awarded the poster prize for the most innovative study. You can have a look at the poster here (PNG, 7 MB).

PhD Defense Manuela Brunner
From left to right: András Bárdossy (University of Stuttgart, Germany), Daniel Viviroli, Manuela Brunner, Jan Seibert, Veronica Webster (Michigan Tech, USA), Benoît Hingray (University of Grenoble, France)


Manuela Brunner succressfully defended her PhD thesis on "Catchment- and Event-Type Specific Synthetic Design Hydrographs. Estimation, Characterization, Regionalization, and Uncertainty" on 29th of January, 2018.



Sandra Pool has been selected to receive an Outstanding Student Paper Award at the American Geophysical Union conference (AGU) in December 2017 for the poster presentation on "Improving Regionalization with a Limited Number of Strategic Runoff Measurements: An Evaluation Based on 668 U.S. Catchments".



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