3D Visualization Lab

GIVA's 3D Visualization Lab

Geowall 3D Projection System

The image above shows the 3D visualization lab belonging to the GIVA (Geographic Information Analysis and Visualization) unit, which we also call the "Geowall". It is located at the University of Zurich's Irchel campus, in the Geography department (room Y25-J87, tel: +41446355237). The lab has been functional since fall 2007.

In the lab we have a stereoscopic projection system based on polarization (passive stereo). The technical setup of the lab consists of a stereo projector set, a back projection screen, and a workstation (both seen on the right), a Kinect sensor and Wii board/wiimotes with the following specifications:


3D Stereo projection system: DepthQ
Model: DepthQ Passive Bundle
Projector: HDs3D1
3D, 3500 ANSI lumens, 2700 lumens stereo mode, 2100:1 contrast ratio
Max resolution: 1280 x 720 WXGA (XGA, SVGA compatible)
Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3
Expected lamp life: 3000 hours
Vert. scan: 120 Hz, Hor. scan: 77100 kHz
Delay: 8.33 ms
Polarization Modulator: circular
Glasses: lightweight passive
circular polarization

         Workstation: Dalco
CPU: Intel Core i73960x
(3.30 GHz, 15 MB cache)
RAM: 32 GB
Disk: 2x2000 Gb (7,200 rpm) SATA II
Video: GeForce Quadro 4000
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise (SP 1)




Worldviz Vizard
StereoPhoto Maker (Freeware)
Google SketchUp, Google Earthwith TriDef's stereo plugin
Microsoft Office

  Display #1: Da-lite (front Projection) 
Model: Picture king 
Size: 178 cm x 178 cm (square) 
Maximum height: 325 cm (including tripod legs) 
Minimum height: 243 cm 
Lowest bottom (distance from floor): 51 cm 

Eye tracker: Tobii
Model: TX300
Data rate: 300Hz
Accuracy: 0.4 deg
Freedom of movement:

Further accessories:
Kinect Sensor
obii Floor Stand


Display #2: Stewart Filmscreen (rear projection) 
Model: Luxus Deluxe Screenwall Series, Filmscreen
150, SND120V (video format) 
Material: Flexible Rear Screen 
Size: 120" diagonal, Image height: 72" (1829 mm),
Image width: 96" (2438 mm), Frame height: 78.5" (1993 mm), O.D. width: 102.5" (2603 mm) 
Viewing angle: 120" 
Screen weight: 20.4 kg