Alessandra Musso
Alessandra Musso


Tel.: 044 63 55177


My research project is part of HILLSCAPE (HILLslope Chronosequence And Process Evolution), an international collaboration which studies hydrological, geobotanical, pedological and geomorphological processes and feedback on hillslopes through time. Our study sites are moraines of different ages in the glacial forefields of Steingletscher (near Sustenpass) and Griessgletscher (near Klausenpass).


My main interests lie in soil development and soil erosion in relation to soil age. In the first subproject, I investigated the pore networks of the topsoils and compared how they changed from young soils to older soils. In the second subproject, I used Fallout Radionuclides (239+240Pu) to model the mean soil erosion rates over the past 60 years. The third subproject is dedicated to soil development and weathering, and long-term soil erosion with meteoric 10Be.


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