Ongoing master theses


Büchler Laura

Did the Barun Glacier next to Makalu behave similar to the glaciers south of Mount Everest during the last glaciations?


Prof. Dr. Markus Egli

Dr. Frank Paul


Demarmels Romina

Sustainable Food Production with Biologicals – Testing the effects of biofertilizers with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and other microbial consortia on crop yield

Prof. Dr. Markus Egli

Prof. Dr. Marcel van der Heijden, Agroscope


Lutz Selina

Artgerechte Pferdehaltung auf Paddock-Trails: Pilotprojekt zur Umsetzbarkeit einer naturnahen Bodenbefestigung auf Fruchtfolgeflächen unter Berücksichtigung von Bodenschutz und Tiergerechtheit

Prof. Dr. Markus Egli

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schulin, ETHZ

Iris Bachmann, Agroscope

Schadegg Jürg

Dendrogeomorphologische Untersuchung einer Rutschung oberhalb von Ferden, VS

Prof. Dr. Markus Egli

Dr. Holger Gärtner, WSL


Schmid Olivia-Laura

Robinia pseudoacacia L.: reconstruction of the encroachment history and the main factors that have influenced its distribution in the southern Alps, Ticino

Prof. Dr. Markus Egli

Dr. Marco Conedera, WSL

Dr. Paolo Cherubini, WSL


Steinert Teresa

Soil Dating and Redistribution in the Zofinsky Primeal Forest (Czech Republic)


Prof. Dr. Markus Egli

Vögtli Martina

Clay mineralogy of loess-affected soils – an example from the Lower Silesia (SW Poland)


Prof. Dr. Markus Egli