Fabian Drenkhan
Fabian Drenkhan, Dr.
Research Associate

Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics

Room number: extern

Research interests

  • glacier and water-related risks
  • climate change impacts and adaptation
  • remote sensing and hydrological modeling
  • transdisciplinary research and collaboration
  • regional focus: tropical Andes (Peru)

Past and ongoing projects

2009-2010 LiWa - Lima Water IWS, University of Stuttgart, Germany
2011-2012 CORINE Land Cover Peru CDC, National Agricultural University La Molina, Peru
2012-2013 GLORIA - GLobal Observation Research Initiative in Alpine environments CIGA, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
2012-2019 Glaciares+ - Risk Management and the Productive Use of Water from Glaciers EClim, University of Zurich, Switzerland
RAHU - WateR security And climate cHange adaptation in PerUvian glacier-fed river basins
Imperial College London, United Kingdom