1894–2019: 125 years of internationally coordinated glacier monitoring


The 125 year jubilee of the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS), located at the Department of Geography, attracted considerable media attention.

We are well aware that the Earth's glaciers have declined massively in recent years, because they have been researched for more than 100 years. But even the work of glacier researchers is no longer the same as it was a few years ago.
Wie sich die Arbeit von Gletscherforschern verändert (in German)
Deutschlandfunk Nova, 20. August 2019

Michael Zemp zu Gast im Morgengespräch (in German)
Rai Südtirol, 16. August 2019

Photo from J. Alean: www.swisseduc.ch/glaciers/

Magdalena Seebauer