Msc Projects

On going master projects


Bastian Buman

Evolution of Particulate Organic Carbon along the Mackenzie River System

Supervision: Alysha Inez Coppola


Huber Nadia

Effect of CO2 and Soil characteristics as drivers of the Root derived carbon in soils

Supervision: Samuel Abiven


Mächler Milena

Interactions between the C- and N-Cycle in plant-soil systems

Supervision: Samuel Abiven


Completed master project

Defended in 2018

Lombardi Mario

Effect of Drought on the Stabilization of Shoot- and Root-Derived Carbon

Supervision: Samuel Abiven, Mirjam Studer

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Weber Valentino

Are soil organic carbon stocks in Swiss forests reflected by the cation exchange capacity?

Supervision: Michael Schmidt


Defended in 2017


Abt Jessica

Mineralisation of carbon from root residues in agricultural and soils soils of Switzerland
Assessment of carbon mineralisation by laboratory incubation and isotopic analysis

Supervision: Samuel Abiven, Beatriz Gonzalez

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Bellè Severin

Agricultural residues as a resource for sustainable agriculture
Knowledge-based agricultural residue management practises of farmers in south-western Karnataka and the introduction of biochar applications

Supervision: Samuel Abiven, Norman Backhaus

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Bernasconi Silvana

Reconstruction of local vegetation and environmental conditions of a peatland in the Thuringian Forest – assessed by lipid analysis.

Supervision: Guido Wiesenberg


Burkhalter Sandra

Sträucher in den Städten des Schweizer Mittellandes:
Klimabeständigkeit und ökologischer Nutzen für drei ausgewählte Tierklassen

Supervision: Urs Capaul


Merz Quirina Noëmi

Impacts of Climate Change on Maize and Wheat Growth
Carbon Dynamics of C3 and C4 Crops under Current and Future Climate Conditions in Switzerland

Supervision: Samuel Abiven, Mirjam Studer

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Defended in 2016


Lukas Gmünder

Fragmentation of Charcoal in Soil: Lab and Field Studies

Supervision: S. Abiven, M. Reisser

More about the project here


Corina Achermann 

Vegetation und Phytodiversität der Alp Flix, Graubünden

Supervision: C. Burga


Loren V. Eggenschwiler

Using dendrochronology and stratigraphy to understand climatic events near Tebano, Italy     
Supervision: V. Picotti (ETH), I. Hajdas (ETH), P. Cherubini, (WSL)


Widmer Rahel

Lipid biomarkers for the source apportionment of organic matter in a multi-layered plaggen soil profile

Supervision: G. Wiesenberg


Defended in 2015


Regula Christon

Vegetation, interrill erosion and aggregate stability on grazed alpine meadows

Supervision: Dr. C. Rixen (WSL)


Fabian Kessler

Durchwurzelung und ich Einfluss auf Corg-Gehalte und andere Bodenparameter am Beispiel eines niederländischen Dünenprofils

Supervision:  G. Wiesenberg, Martina Gocke


Mirjam Müller

Soil Organic Matter Vulnerability in Swiss Forest Mineral Soils: Assessment of SOM Vulnerability  

Supervision: Samuel Abiven, Frank Hagedorn (WSL),  Stephan Zimmermann (WSL)


Julia Siegrist

Which alternative soil cultivation technique could best conserve the resource soil in Swiss arable farming under AP 14-17 

Supervision: Samuel Abiven, Leigh Johnson


Annika Tella

Modeling the Effects of Climate and Land Use Change on Soil and Vegetation Carbon Dynamics in Switzerland with CoupModel   

Supervision: Samuel Abiven, Frank Hagedorn (WSL), Stephan Zimmermann (WSL)