Events at 2B

Soil Science Zvieri

Research seminar in soil science

Date, time Venue Speaker Title
11.01.2017, 10:00 H38

Moritz Reisser, UZH

The Black Legacy of Fires
Pyrogenic Carbon in Soils across the world
16.01.2017 H38 Juliane Hirte, Agroscope UZH Agricultural management affects below ground carbon input estimations
01.02.2017, 14:00 H38

Ulrich Hanke


Radiocarbon records in the Anthropocene: a narrative beyond fossil fuel combustion
30.03.2017, 15:00 H86

Gerald Raab, UZH

Deciphering landscape evolution – an isotopic time capsule revelation

03.05.2017, 17:00 H38

Rose Abramoff, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Mineral surface properties and mean annual temperature control soil carbon stock: A combined modeling and observational analysis

17.05.2017, 10:30 H86

Yamina Pressler, Colorado State University, USA

Soil food webs under changing fire regimes in arctic and temperate ecosystems

02.06.2017, 10:30 H86

Alysha Coppola, UZH

Flux of Particulate Black carbon by rivers

03.07.2017, 14:00 H79 Joff Silberg, Rice university, USA

New synthetic biology tools for studying microbial dynamics in soils

19.07.2017, 16:00 H38 Philippa Ascough, NERC Radiocarbon Facility, Scotland

The burning issue: Dates and fates of pyrogenic carbon in the environment

02.10.2017, 13:00 H38 Klaus-Holger Knorr, Münster University. Germany

Explaining anaerobic CO2 production in organic soils– the roles of solid and dissolved organic matter as electron acceptors and the impact of vegetation

20.11.2017, 14:00 H38 Stéphanie Grand, University of Lausanne

Organo-mineral interactions in tropical soils of the Albertine Rift Valley, Uganda